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  • Professional grade Treatment

  • Total Treatment less than an hour

  • Instantly Lighten your smile

special offer for teeth whitening treatment
                               Special Offer
                             One hour Teeth Whitening service
                         $ 129only 
                 save $500 overindustry price $600 ++

Everyone wants a Hollywood smile, and believe your smile, Global Homeopath&Teeth Whitening professional team giving you the stunning brilliant  smile you've always wanted, our BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator contains a high intensity LED light output, which will assist in providing superior whitening results in a shorter treatment time while its unique design allows for a perfect light focus on every procedure, guaranteeing quality results, over 3 million smiles whitened worldwide by Beyond II

Our service is a simple and safe cosmetic procedure guaranteed to give you a whiter brighter smile after just 60 minutes. Using our specially formulated whitening gel and our BEYOND II high intensity LED light technology, On average, many customers see their teeth become 3-5 shades whiter. These results can last up to 6 months to 2 years. 
*individual results will vary.
Whitens 3-5 shades expect to see improvement following a single-visit treatment!  Safe, Painless free from harmful UV rays.

Global Homeopath&Teeth Whitening Auckland


for 1 hour treatment

   One Hour Teeth whitening + Take          home  Instant teeth whitening Pen             $ 139only





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I had fantastic results  I left with my teeth 3 shades brighter after just one visit! I re-booked and went another 2 shades after the second time there. I'll definitely be telling my friends ,thanks for  friendly service

Lorraine W

Customer care officer

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