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OSMO Teeth Whitening Double pen



    OsmoTM Whitening Pen

    For home use of Whitening Pen, for best whitening results use at night as saliva output is at lowest level.

    Do not eat or drink within 30 minutes after using whitening pen.


    1: Remove cap from OsmoTM Whitening Pen.
    2: Press the button at the bottom of the pen (by clicking), until a droplet is

    seen in the brush of the pen (first time use may require about 15-20 clicks before droplet appears).

    3: If not using cheek retractor, have patient smile wide, keeping lips away from the teeth.

    Apply a thin layer of Osmo Whitening Pen gel directly onto the front surface of the teeth, avoiding gums or lips.

    Keep mouth open for 30 seconds.
    4: Mouth can be rinsed after ten minutes. 5: Replace the cap when finished.

    Please Note: Do not use if you pregnant or under 14 years old


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