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Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 

Pearl White Toothpaste Sensitivity Formula

  • Pearl White Tooth Paste (Sensitivity Formula)

    What it is:

    What else you need to know:

    Dentist recommended, advanced whitening formula

    toothpaste with fluoride.

    What it does:

    Powerful stain remover, Calprox, dissolves difficult-to-remove stains deep inside teeth
    Surface stains are gently polished away Contains desensitising agent for control of sensitive teeth

    Unique formula leaves teeth shiny and sparkling white

    Gentle tartar control ingredients leave teeth smooth and shiny Contains fluoride for anti-cavity protection
    Eliminates plaque
    Long-lasting, minty-fresh taste freshens breath

    SIZE: 120 g
    NOTE: As this is Dentist Grade Toothpaste, (does not contain the same ‘fillers’ as some supermarket

    toothpastes) the client should be instructed to use half as much as normal; about the size of a small pea

    Available in NZ & Australia from: Smart n Smile Limited

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