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Top Selling  Teeth Brighten Powder

Weekly Teeth Brighten Tooth Powder

  • About:

    PowerBriteTM a new innovation whitening powder that can be used at home to help maintain a whiter brighter smile for longer

    Use up to 3-times per week to maintain/improve whitening results

    Use daily for 14-days in place of tooth-paste to whiten teeth

    Simple to use:

    Just dampen toothbrush and dip into the brightening powder and brush teeth for 2-4 minutes

    What it does:

    Powerful stain remover
    Surface stains are gently polished away Unique formula leaves teeth feeling shiny and looking whiter

    What else you need to know:

    Helps eliminates plaque

    Long-lasting, minty-fresh taste freshens breath
    Pack will last up to 6-months with 3 x a week use 

    Size = 40g

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